Breadwinner Breads

These amazing loaves started it all.

Before there was a Café, there was Breadwinner Breads. We’ve been baking the world’s sweetest homemade breads and sending them to lucky people across the country since 2005, earning praise from O Magazine, the Food Network, the Today Show, and many others along the way.

We still make them the same way – by hand, from family recipes – and we still hand-tie each one with our signature ribbon. It’s an unforgettable package for gift-giving.

All our flavors are available at the Café, and also available during the holidays to send to your favorite person (or yourself) at our online store. Choose the button on the right to order your own, or select a flavor below to learn a little more.

Breadwinner Breads Online

Give the unforgettable holiday gift of our signature breads, or send yourself a loaf or four.

Unique, easy, fun, and ships nationwide. Online ordering available during November and December.

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Papa Don’t Peach

Peach Bread

Better Than a Bubble Bath

Mocha Chocolate Chip Bread

Franky, My Dear, I Don’t Give a Cran

Cranberry Orange Bread

Be Still My Beating Tart

Lemon Blueberry Bread

Party at My Place

Pumpkin Bread

Sweet Home Ala-Banana

Banana Bread